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15 Feb

The Berwyn Property Services 10 Questions for buying a home! 

Early flag here, this is just the ten we picked at random, and to demonstrate our full list would take too long! This 10 list below  questions below is based on helping a friend recently who was considering a new home in the Midlands. Buying a home is probably the biggest single financial expense and risk you will make in your life. Unless you spend your days buying Ferrari cars from the great people at JCT600 in Leeds and flying around in one of your many Private Jets? Based on this I am amazed when viewing a home with others that they don’t ask any questions given the size of the spend, and the vast size of the money potentially being spent! 

For a client recently we looked at over 50 different criteria (questions to ask) before making any offer on a home they wanted, and the selling agent was pleased as they felt we would be easy to work with as we were taking the process seriously. So, below are some headline ten areas I recommend thinking about and asking either before or during the viewing. (This is not advice or financial advice, just some tips others have found useful!) 

(The Berwyn Property Services team have opened our Joint Venture (JV)  Membership in 2024, and in October 2023 one JV generated a payment at 11% for one our clients that allowed our team to buy a home for refurbishment. Back in October 11% was better than any High Street Bank last year could offer! (See our Joint Venture page for more details of past cases.) We also offer services for clients seeking to buy homes at below market prices, and clients can benefit from our proven experience.) 

Berwyn Property Services TOP 10 Buying Tips:  

1) What’s near the house and look at the neighborhood? (Try to look  on Google Maps to see what's near your home, i.e. Railway lines/Schools/Fields or a even a sewage works?) If you need schools, ask which is best and nearest. What’s the latest Crime data reports on the area? How Safe will your next home be?

2) Is the home remote or close to shops and bars? Will the area suit your current and future needs? (Do Tesco/Sainsburys/ASDA offer online delivery if your not near a shop?)

3) Bills and heating the home? Ask to see the full EPC report not just the graph! Old homes might need more investment, and during this time your bills could be high! Think about your potential future bills. If a family of 5 moves in to a home with a low EPC, then the bills might be higher than in your current home? (Ask what cost will be needed to increase the EPC?)

4) What in terms of local Bus/Train services and airports does the home offer? How often do the Bus/Trains run in the week? 

5) If you have a car and millions do, can you park outside for free? Note some New Build Garages are smaller than some UK cars, so think will your car fit into the garage! (I recall one Mazda MX5 Owner whom moved into a new 4 Bed, but when in the garage on day one of getting the keys to the home, he could not open the car doors as the garage was very small, so had to open the roof and climb out! He did not measure the garage and his much-loved car!)

6) Where will you put all your current stuff, ie Bikes, Lawnmower, Desks? (Many don’t measure new homes or flats, and assume all will fit, and this is not always the case.)

7) Why is the home for Sale? Many do not ask this....90% of the time its for new Jobs or moving to be near family, but for the 10% that have a less than great reason this can be very interesting to you as a buyer!  Are the owners selling because a new factory is being built behind your dream Home? Do they have a dispute with a neighbor, one you don’t want to inherit!

8) Based on the above, ask and find out if any plans for new homes/buildings have been made in the area! (You would be surprised how this potential new homes/office or road could affect your new home’s value and your quality of life!!)

9) What improvements need to be made to the home, if any? (Some might have stopped an extension, or garden adjustments, and so ask if you can see building work or skips, what’s been happening and why it stopped?)

10) If you have a pet dog, where is the park to walk your Dog?  (If you work away from home, look for local dog sitters! If your next to a busy train line or road, then look for a secure garden.)

We hope this helps, and its just the start, so get your questions ready and start to find the dream home you always wanted! Ask and don't be afraid to ask more questions, as its a big spend and its your cash!

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