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25 Aug

The benefits of our Berwyn Property Joint Venture (JV) are many and today we thought we would share four of these. 

Investor JV Testimonial:

“The Berwyn Property Team excelled in being open, professional and clear at all stages. The JV enabled me to gain exactly what we required ahead of schedule. The added security offered made us feel assured we would gain everything we wanted. We felt like a close partnership was established and will repeat this process in 2023”- JV Partner, Manchester.  

Our Property Portfolio is growing, and we spoke to this investor for an initial conversation in a high street café. Within a few weeks and two Zoom calls we had an agreement for the funds to be deployed on our selected Property. Naturally we spoke to the Investor at every stage of the process, and on this occasion, we paid back the funds early by a month. So, the Investor is more than satisfied and, we note the benefits to the local economy from our Berwyn Property JV Strategy. All our JVs have benefited the local economy, which should not be ignored, and we estimate we have paid about £17k to local the trades to refurbish this home. As this home refurbishment was completed, both the neighboring homeowners on each side of our property came out on the same day to thank us for making the area look significantly better. What’s not to like from SME’s gaining business, the Investor is extremely happy, and our team gain a property and the community is grateful. We count four areas that have benefited from our Berwyn Property Strategy, but that’s not always reported in the news? 

Some ask why this investor wanted to gain nearly £7k from the Partnership, and the answer was a desire for their funds to work smarter given the impact of inflation and low % rates and poor alternatives for their cash. If you want to know more about past JVs please contact our team. (See our main webpage detailing the JV details if you wish.) 

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  • *% Rates quoted is for example only.

Any JV choice should factor in the risk and benefits. Property prices can rise and fall, and a JV has an element of risk. One Berwyn Property JV example is shown below

The JV Plan: We would invest in the below market value home, and once completed, pay back the initial amount, plus an agreed % payment. In this case the JV (investor) could gain say 6.5% over a six-month loan*.

  • Investor loans £200,000 to our team for six months.          
  • House Below Market Value £163,500 Cost.      
  • Legal & Refurb of home £25,000          
  • New Home valuation £280,000           
  • Refinance @75% (Mortgage) £210,000          
  • Investor Interest (6.5%pa / 6 Months) £6,500

For this example, a repayment would be made to the Investor on the agreed date of the initial investment plus % from the agreement. The benefits of a Berwyn Property JV are many, and in the above example the Investor benefited from the short-term loan, and in this example they would be paid a sum of £206,500. Many investors repeat this process and allow our team to continue the mutually beneficial process. Contact our team to discuss your aspirations for 2023.

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