Berwyn Property Services Joint Venture Opportunities 2024.

Introduction: We are building a Property Portfolio and welcome Partners to join us in 2024, and gain from extremely strong returns within an agreed time period. Our Joint Venture (JV) sums are sought by an experienced buyer to obtain a property for refurbishment and either refinance and renting or a potential Sale of the Property which can take about five to twelves months. With the benefit of my Buyer and negotiation skills and contacts in the sector we offer excellent returns for our clients. Coupled to this the added benefit the extra security we offer all of our clients. (These are First Charge on the Property and Cross Option Agreement's.) 

Quick JV Headlines

In a Oct 2023 JV we agreed an interest payment for the client of 10%, and this can vary depending on market prices and % rates at the timeWe have many investors whom lend us funds to buy a property for refurbishment, and we offer the investor great security, and excellent interest rates on the money they lend to our team. Often new investors ask about the security of the JV and the Security of your investment is key and we recognize this. Currently we offer our investors "First Charge" on the property should they want to maximise the JV security. (A first charge takes the form of a piece of paper (yes, still paper), registered with the Land Registry. No one has more rights over the property than a first charge holder and the property cannot be sold, inherited or transferred to another person without the first charge holder being paid what is owed to them.) Many investors don't want cash sitting in the bank, possibly losing value due to inflation and often ask us to repeat the process. 

The Process: 

1) Initial meeting to discuss this joint venture opportunity. We will share case studies and all background information available. 

2) Simple legal document signed and witnessed, providing legal protection for you. 

3) Transfer of capital agreed. Progress reports delivered quarterly. Original capital and agreed rate of return transferred to you as per legal joint venture agreement. 


This opportunity is currently available for a fixed five month to one year period. Your partnership will allow us to invest in properties Below Market Value (BMV) homes and we offer a high rate of return. The current economic climate has created an opportunity to identify and create value through purchasing property significantly below market value. This opportunity brings together a positive and successful wealth growth strategy for both parties.

One JV example

In 2024 we have different interest rates, but below is a quick old example! We would invest in the below market value home, and once completed, pay back the initial amount, plus an agreed % payment. The JV (investor) could gain say 6.5% over a six-month loan*.        

  1. Investor loans £200,000 to our team for six months. 
  2. We Buy a House with a Below Market Value of £163,500.
  3. Legal & Refurb of home £25,000. 
  4. New Home valuation £280,000           
  5. Refinance @75% (Mortgage) £210,000           
  6. Investor Interest (6.5%pa / 6 Months) £6,500 

For this example, a repayment would be made to the Investor on the agreed date with the initial investment plus we pay an interest rate for the agreement. What’s not to like from the above example that gains the Investor an agreed benefit from the short-term loan, in this example you would be paid a sum of £206,500. Note if we complete on a JV ahead of schedule then we would pay for the enture period agreed. So if the house was purchased and refurbished and sold in say four months then we would pay back for the 6 months, so the investor gains an extra benefit. 

Many investors repeat this process and allow our team to continue the mutually beneficial process. Some Clients are talking to us about Profit share from the sale of another home in Cheshire, so contact us today to talk about the many options available. Next Steps: Contact our team on the below number or e-mail to discuss past examples or raise any questions. 

  • Telephone 074368 11200
  • 8-6pm M-Friday
  • PRS Number PRS040625
  • ICO 00014035263
  • *% Rates quoted is for example only.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much is the rate of return rate? 

The rate of return on your sum invested is agreed between the parties. Agreements typically offer a high rate of return.

Can I invest in the properties that you purchase? 

Not with this opportunity. We are keeping it simple and we do offer the opportunity to allow investors to use of Deal Packaging service, with BMV properties. This JV is a  partnership opportunity to receive a significant return for a cash slum invested for a one, two year period.  

What security do I get while the Home is being bought and refurbished?

We offer you a unique security which we will discuss with at the first stage in the introduction. We are also fully compliant and adhere to all Property Redress process, have full HMRC accreditation, and are fully insured.

What will my money be used for

As part of a package of short-term funding to enable the purchase ‘below market value’ (bmv) and renovation of properties, thus creating value from the difference between purchase price and actual market value, after renovation. Your funding is then ‘recycled’ out of the property as the property is revalued at the actual market value. In addition, the strategy calls for the sale of a percentage of properties once renovated, to ensure a protected, strong cash flow.