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Berwyn Property Services (BPS) What do we do?
Finding your a great value Property and offering you an easier route to find an Investment Property is the main focus for the Business. We are HMRC Money Laundering Registered and fully Compliant, and members of the PRS (Property Redress Scheme) Member Number PRS040625 and specialize in finding BMV properties in the North West.

The Berwyn Property Services Founder Commitments:
My Business commitments and my profile is listed below as I feel its key to share my passion and backstory of proven success with future potential clients:
  • Building trust in your property route: Using my proven Sales and Buyer skills, I can spot below market homes for those looking to purchase great value property. Benefiting from a wide network of contacts in the sector I feel able to offer significant returns and operate to the highest standard.
  • Credible Proven Buyer: By communicating the personality of the Berwyn Property  CEO, the profile can make people feel like they know the CEO and what their values are. 
  • Reassuring (Security): our stakeholders with exciting new opportunities, whilst detailing the return for clients and exit timings. From First Charge on Property when Joint Venture or Profit Shares are used, at every stage we are working to deliver excellent secure returns for our clients.  I will always strive to showcase past Berwyn Property experiences, accomplishments, and successes establishes the CEO as a confident and able leader with a vision.
  • My Skill Set: I am working to Save my clients time and money by lowering the prices of homes for refurbishment using my proven Buyer skillset. I was manager for £800m of Packaging Spend for a global brewery and saved them millions each year. Often I have helped friends secure great deals when they were either buying or selling a property, and this coupled to desire to deploy more of my Negotiation skills led me to consider offering these services full time. 
My past CV and how and why BPS was created: 
With over twenty years of successfully operating as a Sales Director and as a Buying Director for a Major Brewer I have secured millions of pounds of new business for my employers or saved them many millions using my expert Negotiation skills. As a landlord over the last decade for many homes, I spotted a few gaps in the Property sector as many wanted to buy homes to start a Buy to let and build a small property portfolio but could not secure the great prices I could. Coupled to the fact I was seeing many landlords at Networking events asking for better returns on the capital they had. Added to this I was often asked by those seeking to sell their properties fast, I knew of any Buyers who could offer them a fast sale? From these three requests for my time and advice I felt that I should start to offer these services, hence Berwyn Property Services was created. Clients would be able to task me to find them Below Market Price (BMP) Homes or use the capital they had to gained to achieve better results for them if we partnered up and bought homes needing refurbishment. Plus, if I could help those seeking a fast sale to my client of Investors or wider network, from this I decided to these three main services to my clients. (I also had grown tired of living out of a suitcase as Sales Director Contractor for the last ten years!)

Berwyn Property Services was born to essentially work with those looking to obtain Below Market Price Homes (BMP) or wanting the cash (capital) they had to work harder using our Joint Venture or Profit share option, in which we could build a Property Portfolio and offer our clients a safe and proven return that was beating anything offered by a High Street bank.

Why the name Berwyn?
The name Berwyn is from a Welsh village from an area of countryside that I enjoy walking with my Lurcher Dog Jasper at the weekend, if not in my yellow Kayak in the Lake District. A passionate campaigner for more Homeless Charites and a lifelong F1 fan, I am currently restoring a classic 1990s Honda car and a few old motorbikes that keep my busy.

My Aspiration for BPS:
My aim is to use my past Sales & Procurement skills to offer you your chosen property that has vast potential at a great price, and demonstrate great returns, within agreed time frames.
Berwyn Property was formed to meet the demands of those seeking clarity in the Property Buying and Selling arena.

The Berwyn Property Services Platforms: 
Our three main platforms are listed below, and I am always focused on always excelling on my clients’ expectations, as demonstrated by the testimonials.

  1. BPS offer our clients the opportunity to secure below market price homes in the Northwest. (Maybe you’re wanting to build a long-term profitable Property Portfolio, or to buy a second home?) A recent case of a two-bed home we secured for a client led to them gaining a Buy, refurb and refinance home that will achieve an 8% rental yield for them.
  2. I am building a Property Portfolio and via a Joint Venture or Profit share strategy, when I deploy the funds from a client for set period, allowing us to buy, refurb and refinance or sell chosen properties and return the clients funds once the project has completed. (A profit share is when a home is purchase using our clients’ funds and once refurbished, we sell the home and according to the agreement share the profit from the sale. (See webpage for more!) 
  3. Fast Sales: My network of buyers of Homes is vast, and often landlords looking to exit or those needing a fast sale will contact me. I can’t always guarantee to find a buyer but will work with you to share your property to an audience of 300+ motivated cash rich buyers across the UK. Its worth noting that sometimes I might have an investor looking for your exact property, so please consider Berwyn Property Services if your seeking a fast sale. (See website page on Fast Sales!)

Next Steps: 
Contact our team and we can discuss the various Property Investor options for you. Call 074368 11200.
Berwyn Services work within the UK Property sector, and are a registered Company in the UK, and run an managed by BERWYN PROPERTY SERVICES LIMITED. Please ensure you read our Terms & Condition's and make sure you agree to any Non Disclosure Agreement we issue, and note Property does not offer assured, assumed or set gains, and your advised to ensure you fully understand our T&C's before proceeding with any agreement or contract. We can not offer any guarantees for future Property values or income, and your advised to read our Legal Agreement, and we ask for confirmation that you have read and fully understand it before we start any Property Finder/Sourcing agreement or work.


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