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21 Nov

The last few days have provided more insight into how and why our Troy MPs seem to have forgotten about Liz and her damaging Economic shambles last year. At Rishi's London event, we hoped the press would remind him that he did Zero to lower inflation. (See our other blog on Rishi Lies about Inflation) The fact is 63m know that his party cannot be trusted with our finances after Liz. And yet the Rishi Monday word salad was very dire, just a tired lost PM speaking but saying nothing and slowly and successfully annoying you as you watched. Apparently, the great Financial Times were not allowed to flag to the PM that he had done ZERO to lower inflation. Which is bizarre as our Debt since Jan has been rising and the PR event was for to hint at Tax cuts, and grab some headlines. So again, we could see tax cuts with our debt getting bigger, and no mention of the car crash Brexit disaster and steps to be taken to address this mess, all very similar to what Liz offered us, and how did that end for her? Spoiler alert, 63m know the Tory part has absolutely no credibility with your finances or taxes after Liz's Budget.  

Even today we have Tory MP’s and the Sunk PM saying they can be trusted with our finances, and that Labour who did not do a Lettuce Liz Bomb cannot be trusted? At this point you would hope or expect all of our great Journalists to remind the PM/MPs about lettuce Liz, and that the Tory party have absolutely ZERO credibility on finance. (Victoria Derbyshire on a BBC1 show did remind a tory MP about Liz. You see Tory MP Robert Jennrick was trying to claim the Blue party are to be trusted with the economy. This epic whopper of a pathetic (insulting) claim was last week and many are STILL laughing at him today! 

This should have shown the Tory party that we have not forgotten that the Tory party trashed the economy. Not Labour, not the Lib dems or my dog.) Why has our media also forgotten about Liz and her Budget? You wonder who in Number 10 is stupid enough to send MPs out saying the Tory party can be trusted, and Robert was proof of the stupidity Tory Party! So we have an arrogant delusional Tory Party MPs looking stupid if they say they can be trusted with any finances after epic Liz. Recall the 1000s of mortgage’s that were withdrawn due to disaster Liz has somehow slipped the Press and Tory MPs memory bank? The urgent action after the disaster Tory Budget by Liz seems not to exist. This is leading to Tory MPs angering an already annoyed public! (When will the Tory party employ a Party Chairman?) House sellers need stability, and Liz showed her party has none of that, in fact Liz made rents rise in a cost of living crisis. 

How can the Tory party, behind in the Polls, facing a total wipeout, and yet they stand up on the TV and claim to be the trusted party with your finances and taxes? I recall Gavin Barwell recently saying the Tory party should be limiting the election defeat. So why lose even more seats by trying to claim you can be trusted after Liz's Legacy? Its hilariously funny and shocking! Never have we had a Tory press more lacking. (Anyone who recalls Theresa May and her “Strong and stable” cliché, that sounds a way better than 5 more pointless pledges.) It’s been pointed out by many that Rishis pointless pledges are just his job description. Imagine on the Six-o’clock news, a Painter from Slough has listed his/her three New pledges to his customers today; 1) To paint some walls 2) To put wallpaper up better than you can, 3) To drink some tea and on Friday to finish at 3.15pm. 

Talking of pledges, LBC just showed Rishi has one and half out of five wins on his previous pledges, and yet our Tory press keep backing him, with the Polls showing he is now 100% sunk. Why back a sunk ship, as I thought Liz and Rishi would be enough of a vast shambles for the UK press to drop the support for the blue party? The Tory party are the party of the never to be forgotten disastrous Liz’s Budget, and we all know all the many Tory MPS and Tory press that backed her, and her gigantic disaster Budget, but today no mention when Tory MPs claim to be good with your cash/taxes? Maybe these Tory MPs are too busy to recall Liz's Budget bomb? Some Tory MPs now amazingly have 5 Jobs! (How can anyone do 5x8hrs in a 24hr day, maybe Carol Vorderman can explain to Rishi how this is not possible?? We recall MP second jobs were to be limited? Thus Brandon is only able according to the Math’s to do 1/5th of his tax payer funded £140k Job, but he is not sacked, so Non action Rishi is ok with this? Lets also quickly flag the Tory Tech tax at 2% or 5% which is just an insult.) We need growth, Brexit sorted, and a working functional Cabinet. No lies from Rishi about inflation and no more pointless pledges. The UK is not growing, its on the edge of a recession, with some saying its already here. And yet the Tory press keep letting the inept Cabinet/PM continue? Why? This continued and growing Tory party mess and the bizarre continued Tory media support after they backed Liz does make you wonder when they will actually drop the Sunk Sunak, hopefully today.

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