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01 May

I am working with a Tech Property business that could bring back Help To Buy (HTB) in a new format. (It also has unique Property Valuation capabilities that will give it a USP in the sector!) I feel this Tech Business would stimulate the entire Property Sector a great deal, helping everyone! More than 225,000 buyers had taken advantage of the old help to buy equity loan scheme, and its popularity soared over time – in the last quarter of 2018 it accounted for over 60 per cent of all new home purchases. Offering a new format of HTB I feel would give the property sector an epic stimulus! Imagine being able to buy a home/flat for say just £3k! Ask me if you want to know more! The Tech Business I am affiliated to is seeking investors to join at this exciting time. 

  • Key Tech Headlines: 
    • £2m raised historically from 60 private investors, almost £800k invested by the CEO.
    • Property/Housing Business with an AI USP! The management team has taken companies public on UK and European and US exchanges and has raised $1bn over a 20-year period. 
    • 2024 estimated revenues of £4m and by 2027 hitting £124m (2027 EBITDA of 32%))
    • New pioneering Property Valuation Service for users, think Rightmove/Zoopla but better!
    • Extra services for Buyers/Sellers and Estate Agents across the UK, just contact me for more details.

Contact our team on the below number or e-mail to gather more details if your interested in knowing more.  

Some notes on HTB: 

1) The Help to Buy scheme (also known as the Help-to-Buy Equity Loan) ended on the 31st of March 2023. But what most people don’t realise is that the scheme closed to new applicants on the 31st of October 2022.

2) In the past the Government HTB worked differently in Wales and Scotland than in the UK. So for Scotland, you were able to obtain a 15% equity loan on a new-build home priced up to £200,000. The biggest difference from the English scheme is that the loan was interest-free for its lifetime, rather than just the first five years. In Wales it was the maximum equity loan of 20% on new-build properties priced up to £300,000.

3) Some who look back the old HTB option said it was limiting to some, as some of the best deals simply were not available to people using Help to Buy.  (Not all Mortgage Lenders were participating.) (c)