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15 Mar

We are currently reviewing a Below Market Value (BMV) home to buy and refurb and then sell the home, and the headline details below show how the Joint Venture (JV) is potentially to be structured. Do you know someone who would be interested in similar opportunities, if so then please ask them to contact our team today. 

The Headline Property Data:

  • 3 Bed Cheshire Home purchase price £102,000
  • Legal/Refurb costs £17,000
  • Admin/Garden/Fees £5,000
  • Purchase and Refurb funds required: £124,000
  • New Value after refurb £165,000
  • Estimated Rental after Refurb: £950 pcm (9.19% Gross Yield)
  • Estimated £41,000 split between JV client and Berwyn Property Services Ltd. (Sale costs not included)
  • Summary: The Investor gains £124k paid back once the sale is complete plus approx. £20,500.

Many investors repeat this process and allow our team to continue the mutually beneficial process. If you know someone interested in similar Berwyn Property Services opportunities, then please ask them to contact our team today.  

  • Telephone 074368 11200
  • Email  Info@BerwynServices.co.uk 
  • 8-6pm M-Friday
  • PRS Number PRS040625
  • ICO 00014035263
  • *% Rates quoted could change and prices are correct at time of reporting, but could change.
  • Prices of the end sale and costs can change and we work hard to lower costs at all times to maximize returns for both parties, you accept that the profit split could rise or fall with any agreement. The time taken to refurb and sell the home is beyond our control.  (c)