Referral Opportunity £450:

We welcome people to recommend Berwyn Property Services to help sell your friends or family, or customers’ homes. YOU could earn £450 if we agree to buy the home! (We don’t buy leasehold, only freehold and the home must be free from any estate agent contracts, and not a flat) 

We have buyers with budgets up to £400k per property! If you’re a Plumber, or builder, or just know someone who is looking for a fast sale, then get them to contact us, with your name as the referral person. Subject to the home meeting our needs, and proceeding to a sale, then we offer £450 per successful referral.  One plumber in Cheshire has referred two homes that met the standards, and the seller was very happy with the price, so the plumber gained £900! (We ask that the seller emails or calls our team and gives us details of the home.) On this call we will gather information, some of which is listed below, so be sure to flag to the seller the below information will be required. (If the home passes our 1st stage review, we will pass your details to our partner, and ask the home owner to sign an exclusive contact. At this point that will view  the opportunities and may view the home and consider future offers for the home owner if the home meets set criteria. 

Initial Key Review Questions: 

  • What’s the address and condition of the home? (Current pictures will be required internally and externally of the home for us to proceed.)
  • What’s the reason for the Sale? (Relocation?)
  • What’s the Mortgage outstanding if any on the home?
  • What’s the Seller price aspiration?
  • How long has the home been on the market?

Contact our team with your details or details of the Seller to discuss the opportunities: 

Please read below rule and agree to these before you pass any referral to our team. We will ask on the 1st call/email that you and the seller (home owner) agree to all the below rules before we can proceed.

1)  We don’t buy leasehold or flats. 

1a) You must get sellers permission before you pass on any details to our team, and suggest you pass our details to the seller, and ask that they mention you. If the seller calls directly we will ask who referred us, and its upon the seller to mention your full details, and we cannot pay a fee to you if at stage 1 we don't have referral person (s) full details. This is to protect both parties. Others have asked sellers to email our team, with the subject heading "Referral Mr/Mr Smith & (Referral Name, address and company if applicable) for example. 

2) Also check the seller (or home) is not locked into an estate contract and that could mean the seller has to pay a fee to the estate agent if they take our opportunity. 

2a) We only pay the referral fee once the home sale has been signed, and fully completed. (Further details will be sent once the sale has been agreed.) 

3) We will need full details of the home to carry out a market review, and due diligence, and sales can be stopped for many reasons, outside of our or the seller’s power at any time. We will ask for pictures within and outside the home, and may need to make a video for our buyers. 

4) We reserve the right to decline a home or house if it does not meet ALL our requirements, or market needs, and options. 4a) We will need good quality current pictures of the whole house before any progress to stage 2 can be made, and we will need to view the property (at an agreed time and date) before offer can be made, and only after a full local market review and due diligence. 

5) We can not proceed with a home sale if the home or seller is tied to a contract with a sell on issue, so please check the home is free from any contract with Estate agents. 

6) The timing of a sale can take up to 2-6 months, and we aim to work as fast as possible, but this is subject to market movements, and issues outside of our controls. We aim to keep you update at all times, and your patience while market reviews are carried out is required. 

7) Any or all Offer prices can change, and we wont change our offer based on 3rd party information or data, and we reserve the right to exit or stop any review without notice or reason at any time. 

7a) The condition of the home from inquiry to a sale price will require the home to be well kept, and cared for and clean and habitable. If the Home does not continued to meet our standards or tenants leave a mess, damage or issues, then this can stop or delay any work and or offers at any time. 

8) If your home passes our 1st stage review and we have current pictures of the home, then we might ask you to sign an agreement to be excusive with us, and our partner in Chester. For us to proceed you will need to read the terms which will be given to you, and sign these and send them to our partner. 

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