Often Investors will ask our team to find excellent Property from any location in the UK and we have 100% satisficed Investor clients. Recently we helped a Buy to Let (BTL) Landlord sell a collection of Flats to an Investor and this was carried our quickly and efficiently for both sides. Investors are welcome to contact our team with your requirements, and aspirations for Property purchases, and we can hopefully start a long term partnership. 

Often we have investors wanting a set criteria for a property purchase and we work aligned to match your needs. Our team will explain our process, the work offered and the costs from day one. Investors appreciate we have contacts and a proven track record of delivery, and help save our clients time. 

We start with an introduction 30 minute fact finding call and then agree our Strategy and Plans along with agreement to our Terms & Conditions. (You will be required to agree to our T&C before we start the process.) From here we will work to offer you at a set time what Properties match your aspirations and how we can move forward. 

Contact our team to discuss your aspirations for 2022. When contacting our team you will be asked a series of qualifying questions, about your investment plans, and timings.