Let our team find your Property, matching your aspirations and delivering extra value. Our Packaged Property Service is proven to save our clients time and money, and offers excellent service every time. Our Testimonials demonstrate your gaining exceptional assistance. We benefit from years of Property finding success and now have expanded into the Berwyn Services Business. Our vast contacts in the property sector and market knowledge gives us the ability to act faster, and offer you properties not available to the wider public. 

Often we find Properties that are not on the Market, sometimes below the market value as sometimes they might need enhancements, or the Seller wants a discreet fast sale. Often after the work has completed on these homes you could refinance the property to its ‘new value’. After refinancing, you would then rent the property giving you great monthly cash flow or simply sell the home and gain from the profit income.  Berwyn Services also often have Buy to Let Investors seeking to sell multiple properties and these can be exactly what our investors are seeking.  

Property Investor Testimonial "The Berwyn Services Property team presented to me exactly what we wanted, and offered  many homes not on the market. After the Sale completed we called on them again as they we so helpful and professional. The team really understood our strategy and timings, and we recommend them to you" Mr G Roberts, Northampton

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