All the Staff at Berwyn Services have suffered the pain of viewings when selling a home, and the waiting for the no shows!  We are amazed more people don't use this simple and fast service of a discreet sale, as it saves you time, one of the most valuable things in the world. 

We feel that the process must be easier, and often get asked to discreetly sell a home. Using our team saves you having endless viewings, or explaining the same facts to each potential buyer, or wasting hours for those just being nosy and having to look around. You may need to sell your home quickly to grab another property and don't want to break the chain you relying on. Clients often contact us when they are moving Jobs to a new location, and we have helped them all move faster than they expected, with significantly less hassle or time time wasted. 

Contact our team to discuss your aspirations for 2022. (Please list the information from our Questions below.)

  • 07999 556034 - Berwyn Services
  •  8-6pm M-Friday
  • Please include your answers to the below key Questions for Discreet Sellers:
    • Do you own the Freehold or is the Property Mortgaged?
    • What is the reason for a discreet sale? (Moving Jobs? Need to sell to buy another home?)
    • What Price is the House on the Market for? 
    • What's the Property Postcode?
    • Is the Property on the Market yet?
    • When do you need to Sell/Move? 
    • Please confirm your the Property owner in your email.