The Deal Packaging Process: 

  1. Gather your aspirations: We have a phone call or Zoom Video call to run you through a brief description of the property details, ROI figures, refurbishment estimates, etc
  2. If you are happy with the deal and want to proceed, an email will be sent with terms and conditions and invoice for the sourcing fee. You must pay the Fee before any information or details are shared, and you also must read and agree, and sign our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for we can proceed.
  3. Once we have the signed terms and conditions, and the Signed NDA, as well as the payment of the invoice, we then set up a phone call or video call to discuss the full property details. At this point we will share with you our unique Property and Area Review. (We find this stage is beneficial for Investors as we review more than just the House you could buy.)
  4. We then inform the selling agents who the buyer is
  5. The property will be marked SSTC (Sold Subject To Contract)
  6. The purchase of the property will go through as a normal sale between you and the selling agent.
  7. We are here to help with any issues that may come up in the sale process, up to completion between you (the investor) and Estate agent. Contact our team to discuss your aspirations for 2022. Please share in the email your budget, your timing's & aspirations and locations, along with your contact details, and the best time to contact you. 
    • Telephone 07999 556034 - Berwyn Services
    •  8-6pm M-Friday.
    • Note: The above is a simplified path but helps answer some early questions. At no stage do we guarantee any Rent income, investment return amount, as markets can change, and issues out of of control could affect the returns, income or benefits or risks. We do not state any timings will always be met, and we offer no assurances or warranty on any aspect of the Sale or later income or results from any potential sale or that the Sale will proceed and complete, and we ask you read our Terms & Conditions (T&C's) and accept we have no risk or liability for the Sale process, speed, outcome or gains. Some sellers can withdraw from the process, and this does not result in a refund of any value to you.