Burton On Trent Staffordshire Case Study. 

A long term BTL went really well for one of our staff, until Covid and the landlord wanted to sell. The Landlord gave the legally required three months notice, and waited for the tenant to move and asked them to allow viewings to occur to sell the home. Yet on this occasion the Tenant after a decided of good compliance, decided they did not want to cooperate and let the home get very dirty. The BTL Landlord contacted our team to help with the sale, as viewings were pointless with a dirty house. A Grumpy tenant is not the ideal person to be in the house on a viewing day. After a few days research by our team and due diligence we were able to quickly solve the Landlords nightmare!  

Our team gave the landlord a new strategy to sell the home, found them an investor, and within one week the home was cleaned, and sold to our Investor. Our team could help your BTL sales aspiration's, just contact our team on the below number or e-mail. 

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