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13 Mar

The few things in society it appears you simply can’t criticise are the Royal Family and anyone who is featuring in a TV show or Sport. Quiet why these people are wrapped up in Cotton wool is beyond me. I do admire many sports and film stars, yet know they are not never perfect, they are essentially human. If you don't let anyone criticise a human then your the one with the issue because you must assume your Hollywood Star or Footballer is not Human. Humans make many mistakes and they are prone to messing up, just like you or me. So if we think of a Super Star as being like a Cake, stay with me on this, then some parts of the Cake (Star) can and will be wrong, so why cant we say that 10% of a Hollywood star is a bit rubbish? 10% of me is not always working perfectly all the time, like the time I drove into a barrier at Oulton Park Race track. I messed up, which my friends remind me each and every year. Ricky Gervais says stars should never lecture us about anything, and that Stars know nothing of the real world. I agree and wonder why Sir Lewis Hamilton can’t see the issue with his ask that you live a tofu only diet to save the ice caps when he flies in a jet 120 times a year? Its bizarre that we can't question our Super Stars. Many in the UK simply won’t allow you to say that 20% of Brad Pitt is crap. An old pal I know from Oxfordshire says more than half of what he does goes wrong, yet he is a self made Millionaire. He admits and accepts it when he does stuff that messes up or his actions are making him a hypocritic. So why can we not criticise famous people?

F1 Star Sir Lewis Hamilton is amazing in his sport, truly epic and in the very top tier of Racing genius's, but a total tool when we look at parts of his life or what he says. I feel we should be able to say this and not have explosive reactions, it’s not meant to harm the star, or be degrading to the person. Sir Lewis deliberately flew in his red jet to the Isle of Man to skip several big millions in those pesky UK taxes. For this he is less than loved by many, and I am amazed we can’t mention this, as anyone who does is seen as being not loyal or is labelled as a bad person? Lewis knew what he was doing, he was not looking for a new home, or picking up a parcel in the Isle Of Man. We need to be able to say this was a bad choice, but it does mean we hate Lewis! This fear of free speech is dangerous and could soon lead to no jokes ever being said at a Comedy Stand theatre, for fear of pointing out a person’s faults, or double standards. I have faults’ and feel no issue about these being aired. No one is perfect, so why do so many react badly we we pick out faults?

Note also that if you dare mention Lewis's Sport is sadly now total horse crap, you also set off many delusional idiots ranting at you. (F1 as we mention in another blog is now just 100% pointless.) It’s just become an Eco bore, a 34 second gap between cars processional yawn with no actual racing. Take a look at France's TV viewing figures to see this as the viewing figures (fans) have dropped from about 5m to about eighteen viewers. F1 yet was once fun and had racing and sporting hero’s. Now the top 24 alleged best drivers in the world are told to save tyres/fuel on lap 11 and that’s it. Hundreds of slow motion clips of drivers walking around does not hide the fact it’s too dull now, and the hyped Sky F1 coverage does its best and offers hours of coverage of nothing of any real value or merit. (It must be legal stipulation that all F1 Drivers can only be shown walking on Sky in slow motion?) How the Sports owners have let F1 become a Merc bore, with mega dull tracks that don’t help is staggeringly bizarre. Fans are exiting the sport fast and this does make the once loyal fans genuinely sad to see its demise. Why pay to watch when we all know the result? James Bond will survive the next film, we know this and yet we pay to watch, but the 120 minutes is fun and entertainment. F1 is nothing; it’s an empty box, and the same box as the last three years, its crap. To hear me say this you must know I was once a loyal fan of the sport, yet any criticism of it are met with anger and derision from those still love watching the Procession. So why today are we not allowed to say the King has no clothes on, to say Lewis is a hypocrite and F1 is just crap? 

The same can be said of Top Gear (TG) which has gone all Channel 5/Sky One’s “A League of Their Own ”. I have nothing against that Sky TV Show. I think that the "League of their Own" as a silly show is OK. But TG is meant to be a Car show, and not a game show with a watered down car show format it is today. Many will acknowledge TG had issues before the two new annoying presenters arrived, heck it had some key issues when Jezza and his army ran it. Any show that is globally big and successful will have bumps in the road. I just find it too annoying and cringe worthy today. One of the recent additions to TG is Freddy Flintoff who has massive amounts of Cricketing talent, a true Sporting super star, national hero and is 70% brilliant but sadly just not right for TG. I admire him as a Sporting Star and Lewis is staggeringly talented in a F1 car but we should be able to say Lewis and TG today is wrong on many levels without being shouted at. Freddy is great person I have no doubt, but he is making TG unwatchable with someone else called Paddy who is simply an annoying talking verruca. (Does the BBC want us all to switch off, because you’re making it very easy with the current TG new line-up and that verruca popping up on every other show?) Sure TG was not perfect before today’s line-up, it needed changes, but today’s TG is like F1, it’s lost the spark, it’s too annoying and pointless. For TG I feel the love of cars has gone from the show, replaced by a trashy annoying TV show. TG is sadly also a bag of re-hashed ideas like the presenters spending 24hrs in car which Hammond and James May did before. Mention this and the reaction is staggering. Did these outraged people not see this idea before and think, todays TG is the same old lazy ideas from the BBC? (How can the BBC dare say its a new TG Episode when it’s not new?) TG for a true Car fan is not worth watching today but some will, but it’s now at the point of being destined for the Bin under the current format, or moving to Channel 5. TG is now ruined, as the ice cream episode showed us all, its "Lame Same Old Gear". One senior TV producer told me a few months back that TG was today not made for true car fans, he said "TG has become an extremely tacky gameshow TV show, with presenters who knew nothing about cars; TG is just very lazy using old ideas to try and save it"

TG has had a change since Jezza was the Boss, but this change has made it unwatchable tosh and putting it on BBC One is bizarre. It must have more viewing figures to justify the move? A move that shows people are probably tuning in for trash TV, and not for a quality Car Show, about cars. (RIP TG!) 

Free Speech and opinions is vital, and F1 losing millions of TV viewers shows our opinions are the same as millions!  If F1 continues in its current offering it will also place its self in the bin as not offering the public any reason to watch will end it. Bernie Ecclestone (F1 CEO for many decades) said F1 is all about the Entertainment for fans and sponsors: no show means no fans and this will result in zero TV income. This income pays for the teams to turn up. All of which will mean sadly no F1. Sir Lewis will win again like the last few years (yawn again) but millions won’t watch F1 like last year. What Lewis should be doing is repaying the UK Tax he cheated, he can more than afford it, and as Ricky says, please do stop lecturing us on stuff. We should be able to say this with no fear or abuse now and forever.  Let’s also hope F1 does a U turn, and TG is either changed or quickly binned. We should be allowed to say F1 or Lewis or Top Gear is a bit crap, and not fear backlash because these are our opinions and they do matter, and many want F1 and TG to be way better.  

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