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12 Mar

Is it Build Back Better to allow Councils to wrongly use a law for hedges that have grown on one that's the SAME height for two decades?  NO, its mad and a waste of tax payers cash.  Is it green to allow HHL to remove hedges across UK? No. Its definitely not protecting green spaces. Do you want people to invade your privacy on a law that should never apply to SAME Height Hedge's? You need to contact your MP and say HHL should never be used on SAME  height hedges. Plus the one here the complaint person has submitted NO LOSS of enjoyment or light, so how can any law apply if NOTHING has changed? I note six estate agents said to us last month that House prices will fall if HHL is able to be wrongly used on SAME height Hedge's. (Plus they spoke of it being wrong to consider HHL given no loss of enjoyment, and that HHL is for hedges that double in height!) As of July 2021 we are aware of over 190 cases where if HHL is applied, they will simply sell up. We also have had numerous big developer's say HHL should never be used on a SAME height hedge, and less homes will be built if HHL is used on this Cheshire SAME height Hegde. Not really Build Back Better from the Government??

If you care for your garden, your privacy and wildlife then this is a massive warning to you. Our hedge that’s been the same height for over 20 years is facing a cut. We had a Cambridge family in tears when they heard we might have our SAME height of 20yrs plus, hedge cut. They have loved having privacy the hedge they have for over 12yrs, and cannot understand why any council would think High Hedge Law (HHL) can be used here. Its not green to cut fine well maintained hedge of 20yrs and not protecting green spaces as some MPs claim! Our House could be ordered for the 1st time in over 20yrs to lower it, and your chance to stop this is NOW! Please contact your MP today, and stop HHL being used on any Same Height Hedge! Also, if privacy is not an issue as it is for 460 that we know, your House value will fall if hedges can be cut using HHL! (Again, please support us and contact your MP today!)

This is case is all because a neighbour opposite has abused the High Hedge Law (HHL) to get the council (Cheshire) to put an order on it to be cut. Our solicitor and local tree surgeon are shocked at this news. We and many across the UK and the loads of Tree Surgeon business are shocked as its not grown, not changed the light into the complaining person’s garden. Note the complaint person has never provided any loss of enjoyment, and all solicitor's says this proves the case should not proceed, and our same height hedge must remain as it is. HHL was designed for those hedges that double in height, and typically you see court cases with massive changes in light or height. Our Same height of 20yrs plus, yes keep saying that, is a same height so not changed, and cant suddenly negatively impact anyone. At this point you ask why a HHL order can be used by the Council if nothing has changed, no less light or loss of enjoyment. HHL was only really for cases where light or loss of enjoyment has gone, but that does not apply here to over 240 cases we can see. Do councils across the UK want these issues and court cases? (Do thousands want privacy lost due to this dangerous precedent?) 

We can see over 240+ cases where if our hedge is Cut others will use this case (precedent) and hedges across the UK will be potentially cut. Regardless if the 240+ we can see have been the SAME height for years. HHL should ONLY apply to hedge that have grown.  If cut to a lower level our hedge will lead to an avalanche of cases across the UK, and huge impact on others privacy and wildlife and lives. Our solicitor says with no loss of enjoyment which was the basis of the complaint, they (compliant house) have no case, and the Council are vastly wrong to put any order on a same Height hedge.  He says the council is potentially setting an extremely dangerous precedent for all to abuse, and HHL should not apply here, and must be changed by Housing Minister, Conservative MP Robert Jenrick ASAP. It’s not a green policy to have same height hedges cut, and maybe removed, and damage (impact) innocent lives permanently if Robert Jenrick MP team let HHL be abused here on our hedge. We plead with Robert Jenrick MP and the press to throw this case out, as no loss of enjoyment has been provided, and no change in height after twenty years, so why does the Council pursue the case to cut the hedge? A new lower height will be permanent, and will force some who don’t want it lowered to sell up and move. We are awaiting a Government visit to review our appeal, and hold hope the case is thrown out and the 20yr same Height hedge remains, the same height. We flag this case to show you clearly HHL is being wrongly used and abused. If ever you needed a case of a law needing edits and action, this is it! In the words of one Birmingham Chartered Surveyor with 18 years experience:

  • Your Hedge is not high, it’s not changed in height for twenty years, and I ask how a delusional Council can apply the HHL formula to your hedge?  How can they not consider the loss to wildlife, the permanent loss of privacy, loss of house values, for a hedge that’s not changed, not grown in over two decades? How can the government allow this case to be even considered? You may wish to take the council (Cheshire West) to court over this. The compliant person has been stalking and bullying you and your family. You should consider taking legal action against the Council given it appears to have scant regard for you and your neighbour’s concerns/objections, and what loss of enjoyment is a flag this should be dismissed in full. The Council is potentially about to set an extremely dangerous precedent, so the HHL here is for the birds, your case must be dismissed in full”.  (CH)
  • Charted Surveyor from Leeds: "Your Cheshire Council is wrong to use any HHL formula, HHL does not apply here, to even entertain this case is a big concern for all. Why has Robert Jenrick MP not acted and stopped this order to lower a Same Height of a 20yr hedge? This is just 100% obsured. Nothing in height has changed in 20yrs, no loss of enjoyment, so no case for the Council. The Council should stop this today and apologise to you Andy! 

A family in Cambridge and Devon have said if we lose our appeal then they will have the same action, and will remove the hedge as they see no point in it remaining. We have flagged this to our council and local Labour MP and Solicitor, and the many neighbours. Note any cut will permanently mean many neighbours whom all don’t want it cut also suffer permanently. Neighbours say how can the council even consider the case when the hedge has not grown, and thus no case for HHL to be used? Some of our neighbours are feeling the impact of this potential cut, some are in tears, and that one neighbour will move if its cut gives you a picture of the case. So HHL being wrongly used here has impacted massively on innocent members of Cheshire. (Was this how the law is designed to be used and impacting on us?) A couple from Surrey said that permanent loss of privacy if we lose our case (appeal) will mean that many suffer a permanent loss of privacy and that they would fight the case at any costs. They have a very similar case, and say they won’t lower a Hedge they have that’s been the same for over 16/17 years now. They are staggered that Robert Jenrick MP has not acted to stop our same height hedge being cut; they were lifelong Conservative voters, until this case. And they have very deep pockets and will not be happy if we lose our appeal and will go down the court route. The Bully actions of the complaint party have had a massive dent on our health and wellbeing. (Think about repeatedly door stepping us with mobile phones recording us, extreme shouting at us on our door step many times as a taste of the Bully intimidation actions. Do you welcome three people knocking on your door videoing you? )GDPR and Privacy it seems are of no value. (See link below for Daily Mail Case we are aware of.) Note one neighbour whom said they fear others privacy here or anywhere in the UK as people could use our case if we lose and this will mean thousands will lower a hedge to say it by 1.5-2mtrs metres and then just remove it totally. “If the council (Cheshire) are wrongly use HHL here, then they clearly don’t consider our loss of our privacy, the abuse of HHL here, so the hedge will be sadly removed. The Council CEO should resign if you have your Same Height Hedge touched, and we suffer permanent loss of privacy. This needs to be in the Press today!” So we being ordered to lower the height will mean many innocent residents are affected permanently. The council here should have ignored this case and demanded HHL changed to protect others across the UK.Others have had Bully Tactics that we have had:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9202927/amp/Leylandii-owner-wins-battle-13ft-high-hedge-three-year-battle-ex-friend.htmlIf you also consider a Cambridge resident whom has contacted me, you will see the dangerous precedent this could set. They have an 8 or 9ft hedge, which yes has been the same height for over a decade. Now a farmer recently sold some land to aid his retirement to a housing developer. If we lose our case, a hedge that was the same for 20yrs, and should be the same, then all the hedges next to the new homes will be cut. The newly built owners need only to see this precedent and copy it. I pity the Cambridgeshire Council having to deal with the issues! Once cut two families just outside Cambridge who have loved the same height hedge, and privacy, will be forced to very reluctantly sell up and move as they won’t suffer the privacy loss after the hedge is cut to a lower height. A chartered surveyor from London has seen the case (independent case review) and said if it was a 6ft wall then they could not use any HHL law as it’s the same height year on year, yet our same height hedge (20yrs+) is being subject to Cheshire Councils HHL acts. He said the planets are not making more or less sun, he asked why a Council is listening to the compliant when no loss of enjoyment was provided, he said our well maintained hedge should not be affected ever. He warns that unless the case is totally dismissed it shows abuse of laws by councils and that HHL is flawed. He asked why the Press are not asking the MPs how and why this case is even being considered, as he said it was blatantly flawed, and must be binned and showed the Council (Cheshire) to be incorrect on all aspects. You find yourself asking how and why is HHL that was deigned to top hedges/trees that increased in height applying to a same Height hedge over two decades.Looking at HHL you see a formula the Council used, and the fact a same Height hedge is being ordered to be cut is wrong on every level. HHL should not and was not designed for same height hedges. Why is it that now the hedge has an order on it, when nothing has changed in 20 years? The compliant house resident has provided ZERO loss of enjoyment so how can the Council pursue the case? Its as if no evidence is OK, and that HHL can proceed with no justification? A local tree surgeon in Cheshire wonders if the Council knows what it could mean, if we lose our case. He says the hedge is not within 1.5mtrs of the complainer home, so HHL should not be applied. If we lose, he says over half his business will be gone. (Big imapct on others Mr Robert Jenrick MP?) He is not alone, as one resident in Cheshire told me if he has HHL action and its cut to 2.5mtrs then he will just remove it all. I hear this many times! Please write to your MP and demand the HHL is amended and support our appeal as if we lose then it’s going to affect you and many, lower house prices for millions, and remove permanently your privacy and wildlife. Permanently. This is case clearly shows the ramifications across the UK. One tree surgeon in the North West and one near Bristol said that the Government must throw our case out and not cut it or thousands of hedges across the UK will be toast. Why you ask doe they say this? Once a new lower height is imposed all those our experts work with say they would just remove the hedge totally. Thus removing wildlife permanently and privacy for all gone because HHL was wrongly used. Now maybe you’re seeing the ridiculous consequences here and why Robert Jenrick MP and his team must stop our same height hedge being cut.  The Cambridge family ask you and me why others should suffer because Cheshire Council is even considering this ludicrous case, and do they not listen to others here and across the UK. You can help our case by emailing your MP and ask them to act, to protect hedges and Privacy across the UK. If you value your privacy then act today. (Find your MP   https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mps/ ) Please state that permanent loss of your Privacy and wildlife are key, that if our appeal is lost and the hedge is cut, it could result in a hedge that’s 24 metres wide (spans across many gardens) for over 20yrs old at the same height and it would be eventually removed totally, impacting on innocent people’s privacy and loss of wildlife, permanently.  All MPs - TheyWorkForYou