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13 Mar

A client contacted me recently as his business was E commerce and he was having big, time consuming issues with CJ Drop shipping. (CJ supply goods to people with Websites, and are a big firm based in China) I investigated and in Summary would advise anyone in Drop-shipping/Website businesses to never use CJ for anything. My client, lets call him Ross, recently bought a Electric Scooter and it was not working. 

What followed was such a shambles we could not believe what we were reading on his emails. The team here are staggered at the level of inept service. CJ have no telephone number, and rely on Chat room staff or if your lucky an email. On this occasion Ross asked for a full refund and for CJ to collect the faulty (and I have seen it, its faulty) E scooter and refund. Simple? Not in any way. CJ lied more times than I have seen on any investigation, and after Ross found the CEO Email (below) he got an email as the Live chat was lie after lie. (The Chat staff just ignored the request and lied, and lied!) CJ were not interested in the refund. Ross eventually got CJ to send a label to box up scooter. CJ had asked Ross to video the electric item not working, and how you show on video a TV or Scooter that does not work in a video is beyond me and our team. How can I show you a scooter that does either 500 yards and stops, or wont switch on, in a video? 

Eventually after Ross wasted more hours/days, they were to collect Scooter on Friday 6th Aug, via Hermes, which was always risky. All Day Ross waited, no show. 

Can you see the pattern, lies after lies, wasted days. So on Saturday, Ross offered CJ today, Weds 11th Aug to collect. CJ did nothing with this key information, and today ask Ross to drive 120+ miles to drop it off at a Birmingham site. My advice to any E commerce person in the UK or World, would be to stop CJ listings, and look elsewhere. Ross was glad he removed all other CJ sourced items, and says they inept and liars. CJ have cost Ross about £400 plus, and now he has box he cant get a big firm to collect. Imagine if had not removed CJ listings from his site, he would be out of business. Ross and his team say CJ are inept Clowns that lie at every opportunity, and have no idea of the issues they create and damage to Website P&L's! Do you want to have this with say 29 items, I would say no, and never use them. As of today 11am Ross says CJ have not booked any collection today, and are just ignoring emails! If only he could talk to someone on a phone? Ross has now wasted 2 days on this very simple return! Ross says he will never use CJ again!

He today called us and says they don't have a clue, wont collect anything, offer no refund, and are profit and time wasting. You have all been warned, no telephone number, no service, no return service, faulty goods, a pack of lies, silly requests to get item returned. I just can not understand how CJ are big yet so massively shambolic, and advise you all avoid them.

The scooter might go back today, but Ross has asked his bank to get back the cash, and this takes 3-4 weeks, so more delay. CJ don't care for you, lie about 11 times from what we can see in emails, and wont collect its faulty goods. All of which wastes your time if you opt for this seemingly inept firm, and we cant stress this enough, avoid them. Ross can not move on as this is money he has lost, on an item CJ can not collect, one week after he asked for it to be collected! Note that CJ have a UK and Germany warehouse so should have collect it and issued the full refund. To ask him to stop work and drive 120+ miles to drop off a return is a joke, and shows zero service or care from CJ. He now has asked CJ for rent payment as this box is in the way of his staff! We think Hermes are also inept as they failed to collect last Friday, which is something hundreds of clients report to us, and we now see CJ as liars, and a massive risk to any business, so avoid them. Unless you want to work with Clowns. 

CEO Email:   Andy@cjdropshipping.com *Not sure if this works as no reply for Ross to countless emails. 

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