Covid Business Interruption Support

Covid Business Interruption Support

Was your Business affected by the Pandemic, and you’re having trouble with your insurance provider? 

Would your business benefit from a Cash injection right now? Berwyn Services have a partner whom can help you! Business interruption claims are a way for your business to be compensated for any financial losses incurred as a result of COVID-19, in the event that your insurer fails to pay out.

One Business owner just gained £49,000 from our support.

Simply send your details via email (Company name & estimated turnover) to (Subject Business Insurance) or Call us to discuss your challenges and options. Tel: 07999 556034. See below as proof of the benefits!

Testimonial A: "Without this help we would have closed our Business, and made all the loyal Staff redundant, so we recommend this service!" Mr Peters CEO, London.  

Testimonial B  "Our Business got no help from our Insurance firm, so Berwyn Services worked with its partner to secure us payment, and now we are expanding and growing, without this help we would have closed!" Claire, Birmingham. 

Our Partners operate on a no-win-no-fee basis so low risk for you and your Business! They can review your case, and help you with the next steps!

We advise you benefit from our Partners expert team today, and its low risk as the service they offer is "No win no Fee!" service for your business! Send your details today! Send your details via email (Company name/Contacts) E Mail  Please include your contact details and a quick summary of the issue.


There are numerous areas that you can make a claim for, including: 

1) Actual and/or forecast loss of revenue! 

2) Business costs such as rent, even when not trading! 

3) Loan charges from loans acquired due to COVID! 

4) Wages!!  

What do Business Interruption Insurance Claims cover? 

Answer: There are numerous areas that they can make a claim for, including: • Actual and/or forecast loss of revenue • Business costs such as rent, even when not trading. • Wages • Loan charges from loans acquired due to COVID. 

Will my a business pay any money if they lose their claim? 

No – The service if opted for is offered on no-win-no-fee basis. 

My Business insurance firm is not very big – can I still help them to make a claim? 


Do Businesses owners have to pay any upfront costs to make a claim? 

No, under no-win-no-fee they do not need to pay anything upfront. 

Would a claim affect my client’s insurance?

There is a chance their policy may be affected. It’s best to discuss that with their insurer.

Popular questions are listed below! 

My Business was not one of those asked to close by the government, but they closed anyway. Can they still make a claim? Yes, these are very unusual circumstances. If they decided to close to customers due to a fear of the pandemic, that would be seen as a reasonable reason to claim. Furthermore, it would be difficult for some businesses to stay open and implement social distancing measures and the 2-metre rule. So, if your client closed their business to protect staff and customers, then they may have a valid claim. 

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